SEO Done Right Raises Visibility In All Major Search Engines

Google Page Rank Visually Explained

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that elevates a company’s website from the lower strata of the search engines search results to a higher position, hopefully to the 1st page.  In discussing this process with business owners many SEO consultants speak of the “Google results page” or the “Google search rankings”, and while it is true that Google is probably the most well known and often used of the search engines … enough people use the other search engines that any business looking to optimize their profits and not just their website needs to make sure their search engine optimization strategy doesn’t overlook ranking with Google’s competitors as well!

While nobody knows all of the exact criteria search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing or AOL use, over the years seasoned veterans of SEO working separately, but comparing notes, have made several conclusions and educated guesses about a number of factors that can help to contribute to rising in the SERP’s (search engine results pages).  Not surprisingly a tactic that works well for Google may not have as much (or any) in Yahoo or vice versa, and without specific intent, a well ranking website in Google and Yahoo may get scant attention from Bing and/or AOL.   When you hire an SEO company make sure they have a strategy that will be effective in these major search engines and that they “keep an ear to the ground” looking for new techniques.  SEO is a discipline that is in a constant state of refinement and evolution … much the same as the algorithms used by the search engines.  What was effective in SEO 3 years ago is sub-par today, and what we are doing today will no doubt be outdated 3 years from now.

1st page of Google search results for SEO Consultant Ft Myers

Yahoo Search Results For Social Media/SEO Consultant Ft Myers

AOL Search Results For Social Media/SEO Consultant Ft Myers

Bing Search Results For Social Media/SEO Consultant Ft Myers


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