Ft Myers Marketing … Why Advertise When You’re Already A Success

William Wrigley, founder and owner of Wrigleys chewing gum, through the success of his product had amassed an incredible fortune, which he attributed to his successful advertising campaign. While travelling on a fast train, just months before his death, he was approached by a conductor on the train. The conductor asked Wrigley why he continued to spend millions on advertising.
“Your gum is known the world over” suggested the conductor. “Why don’t you save the money you spend each year on advertising?”
“Wrigley considered the question momentarily, and then asked the conductor “Tell me sir … approximately how fast is this train travelling?”
“About sixty miles an hour” replied the conductor.
“Then why doesn’t the train company remove the engine and let the train travel on it’s own momentum?” asked Wrigley.

Yes I am For Hire!

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