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SW Florida SEO/Social Media Panel To Discuss Blogging

SEO/Social Media in SW Florida


The Above Board Chamber Of Florida has established itself as the “education Chamber” in the Naples – Ft Myers area in SW Florida!  Jeanne Sweeney, Founder and President of the group, has been involved with local SWFL  Business Chamber’s since the mid 90’s and felt there was more a Chamber could do for local business men and women than provide an opportunity to network and increase their visibility through community service projects.  She wanted to create an organization that featured ongoing opportunities for businesses to learn more about the ever-changing environment in today’s marketplace … an organization that would provide it’s members with the tools to not only increase their market share, but, to better serve their clients as well!  Thus The Above Board Chamber was born.  There mission statement is …


The ‘ABOVE BOARD” Chamber of Florida is dedicated to bringing people of all faiths together within the community, in the workplace and amongst one another. Our mission is to supply our members with the tools that will allow them to take every aspect of their lives ABOVE BOARD.

Naples: It's time to Optimize Your Web Presence through Blogging

Since early 2011 The Chamber has hosted expert panels to speak and answer questions on a wide variety of subjects of interest to any person or business desiring to learn more about various aspects of running a successful business.  Past topics discussed include …

Social Media:  Find Out How You Can Be Discovered!

Why Your Website Is Not Generating Business.

Human Resources/Career Building.

Find Out How To Be Discovered By The Media!

Time For A Business Check-Up!

Ethics in Business.

The Secrets Of Highly Profitable Companies.

Hitting Your Target Market.

and many more!

 This months panel discussion will be on the subject of ” Optimizing Your Web Presence Through Blogging “.  The panelists will include Chris Griffith,  Jennifer Huber, and Rick Thomas … local to SW Florida bloggers who use blogs and social media to promote area business.  The event is to be held at The Hilton in Naples, Florida on Monday April 9th 2012.  Reservations are required!  For more information contact …

The Above Board Chamber Of Florida

SEO Ranking Has A Split Personality

SEO Ranking Has A Split Personality

How Do I Get My Company Website to Rank Higher in Local Google Search Results?

by Rick Thomas SEO Consultant with Ft Myers Marketing and David Bruce Jr

I get asked that question on Facebook more than any other question asked of me.

First off… Google is run entirely by a mathematical database,  an algorithm visits your website and rates it according to a math equation.

NO HUMAN Visits Your Company Website To Determine How High Your Website Should Rank in Google!!

Google sends out a robot, to “score” your website against what ever website is currently #1 in Google to determine if Google should trust your company website.

1. Can Google Trust Your Site as THE Authority in your field? To pull that off you need to earn Google Page Rank. Page rank is determined by a number of factors including, but not limited to, the number of links to your website on other pages, the page rank of the sites that link back to you, and how much traffic your website is getting.


2. Does Google See Your Company Website as a Fresh News Source. Google is also a news organization, in addition to being organized as a web encyclopedia, Google is also a news organization rivaling CNN. For business purposes this translates into who has a new product or service/ who has some new knowledge to share about a product or service. Google views this as fresh content.

Fresh Content Gets Extra Credit

Business Blogs accomplish both Task 1 and Task 2 better than a static conventional website. Now if you already have a company website, you should add a “supporting blog” to your Google Marketing Mix. A blog gives ample opportunity to start building links on a page other than your website, and it is an excellent venue to post fresh content regularly!


Why Your Website Should Be A Blog

Now if you already have a company website, you should add a “supporting blog” to your Google Marketing Mix.

Business Blog Creation:

A website’s sole purpose in life is to perform in Google, Google likes it when you use their tools, Google owns… therefore every website that wants to rank in Google it’s in your best interests to also have a Google blog:

in other words… if you want something FROM Google, Use Google’s Tools.

You wouldn’t want to drive a Ford to a Chevy Convention would you?

Yes We Are For Hire

Contact Rick Thomas at

239 896-7020

SEO Done Right Raises Visibility In All Major Search Engines

Google Page Rank Visually Explained

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that elevates a company’s website from the lower strata of the search engines search results to a higher position, hopefully to the 1st page.  In discussing this process with business owners many SEO consultants speak of the “Google results page” or the “Google search rankings”, and while it is true that Google is probably the most well known and often used of the search engines … enough people use the other search engines that any business looking to optimize their profits and not just their website needs to make sure their search engine optimization strategy doesn’t overlook ranking with Google’s competitors as well!

While nobody knows all of the exact criteria search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing or AOL use, over the years seasoned veterans of SEO working separately, but comparing notes, have made several conclusions and educated guesses about a number of factors that can help to contribute to rising in the SERP’s (search engine results pages).  Not surprisingly a tactic that works well for Google may not have as much (or any) in Yahoo or vice versa, and without specific intent, a well ranking website in Google and Yahoo may get scant attention from Bing and/or AOL.   When you hire an SEO company make sure they have a strategy that will be effective in these major search engines and that they “keep an ear to the ground” looking for new techniques.  SEO is a discipline that is in a constant state of refinement and evolution … much the same as the algorithms used by the search engines.  What was effective in SEO 3 years ago is sub-par today, and what we are doing today will no doubt be outdated 3 years from now.

1st page of Google search results for SEO Consultant Ft Myers

Yahoo Search Results For Social Media/SEO Consultant Ft Myers

AOL Search Results For Social Media/SEO Consultant Ft Myers

Bing Search Results For Social Media/SEO Consultant Ft Myers


Contact Rick Thomas
Social Media Marketing|SEO Consultant
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Unsolicited Comments Show The Value of SEO To Local SW Florida Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) is more important to local businesses than ever before! I’ve seen the statistics, I’ve seen the results, I talk about it all the time … but, today the message was driven home to me on a personal level like never before. I was out running some errands earlier today and had the good fortune to run into a group of about a dozen former coworkers, we were all thrilled to see each other as it has been nearly a year since all of us were together and had an opportunity to talk. I was asked what I’m doing for a living now and I told them I was doing search engine optimization … they all looked at me like I had 2 heads! I don’t think any of them knew what that was, which surprised me a bit, they are all well educated, computer literate professionals who earn a more than average salary and spend a considerable amount of time on their computers at work and at home! I jumped right in and started explaining that if a business has a web site that shows up in a Google search on the 3rd, 10th, or 30th page of the Google search results, I can move their website up in the rankings … usually right to page 1. I went on to explain that this was critical for businesses now because over the past 10 years when a customer is looking to make a purchase, of most any kind, the likelihood has steadily been on the rise that they will search the internet for that information as opposed to turning to the yellow pages …

Up to this point I had been noticing their eyes glazing over in response to my canned “Value of SEO” speech, but, when I mentioned the yellow pages they sat up straight in their chairs, life came back into their eyes, as all of a sudden they got it! They became quite animated and comments were coming from all around the table …

  • “I haven’t used my phone book in 2 years”
  • “I haven’t used mine in 4 years”
  • “I don’t think I even have a phone book”
  • “I threw mine out 4 months ago because I never used it”
  • “I use mine … but only to find Government listings”

Out of a dozen young professionals not a single one had used a phone book to find a place to spend their money in years!  It was an eye opening experience for me … as I say, I’ve read the reports, seen the statistics, but, this brought it home to me on a personal level, these were people I know well … and have known for years, when they say it I know it’s true!  Of course a dozen people make an awfully small random sample but even at that the message seems clear enough to me, the yellow pages are fading fast and SEO is poised to be a major determining factor in which local businesses are going to be most successful.

Contact Rick Thomas
Social Media Marketing|SEO Consultant
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Company Facebook Page Creation and Management

Get SEO Value From Your Facebook Page

With over 500 million people using Facebook it has become a valuable resource for finding, informing, and keeping clients for your business. It also has the potential to enhance your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for your main web page if used correctly. However, most businesses seem to be missing the mark as far as getting optimum usage and visibility from the most heavily used social media site in history.

Many businesses today are actively promoting their business on a personal Facebook page. Perhaps they aren’t even aware that there is a difference between a Facebook Business page and a personal page. Facebook’s rules (TOS or terms of service) clearly prohibit the use of a personal page to advertise or promote a business. One needs to have a personal page 1st in order to set up a business page, there are many forums and tutorials that can instruct you as to how this is done. Once you have set up your business page it becomes a great place to showcase your company blog, advertise specials, sales, or discounts, and let the general public know who you are and what your company is about. Most importantly, a personal Facebook page is not visible to Google, but, a Business Facebook page gets crawled by Google’s crawler and can help promote your website in Google rankings.

Once your business page is set up you will want to get people to join or “like” your page. When you reach 25 fans on your page you can change the url of your fan page to a name of your choosing (usually your business name or at least a relevant keyword), which will help Google’s spider to determine whose page it is, and what the page is about more effectively. Getting fans to “like” your page is a good thing, but, to maximize the benefit you get from your page you must go a step further. Facebook has a built in spam filter, if the only thing it sees is your page broadcasting information the filter will prevent what you post from being seen on the news feed. The filter (algorithm) is incapable of actually reading the content on your page and determining how worthwhile it is, instead it recognizes keywords, traffic, and interaction. If the people who “like” your page visit often, comment, share your content, and participate on your page the algorithm interprets this as a sign that your page is relevant, informative, and worth sharing on the news feed. This means that not only will your friends see what you post, but, so will their friends as well!

All Outgoing (Broadcast) With ZERO Incoming (Receiving)= Facebook Considers Your Business Page to Be Spam!

If no one is leaving a comment or asking a question the algorithm will NOT LET YOUR MESSAGES Go Out to your friends or fans News Feed!!!

Company Facebook Page Creation and Management

Contact Rick Thomas
Social Media Marketing|SEO Consultant
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Google Page Rank Visually Explained


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